How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening


Dec 24, 2021

About 14% of the American population have turned to professional teeth whitening at some point in their lives, such is the power of a bright smile. One of the disappointments many have, though, is that teeth remain vulnerable to dulling down, whether it’s because of food and beverage stains or simply the passing of time. 

It’s possible to get some extra mileage out of your dental office whitening if maintaining the brightest smile is important to you. First, start with a Philips Zoom! professional whitening at Brooklyn Dental Spa. The team can help you through the right post-treatment process for the best and longest-lasting results. 

Extending your teeth whitening results

It’s all about lifestyle. While there’s little you can do about the yellowing effects that accompany getting older, many of the reasons your teeth get dulled down come down to choices you make. When you prioritize the brightness of your smile, take a look at workarounds for these common staining situations. A take-home whitening tray from Brooklyn Dental Spa can maintain your smile long after your session. A customized, made-for-you tray is $199 and comes with a whitening solution refill. 

Reduce smoking

The hazards of smoking and tobacco use are well-known, but when it comes to white teeth, cigarettes may be your biggest enemy. It takes only months for tar and nicotine from smoking to undo the whitening process. Aside from discoloration, nicotine also reduces the flow of saliva, which helps protect your teeth. Your risk of gum disease also climbs, and you may not be a candidate for whitening until signs of gum disease are gone. 

Avoid staining foods

The foods and drinks you consume can create new stains after your whitening treatment. Coffee, tea, red wines, and dark colas are the big culprits on the beverage side, while berries and tomato sauces lead the way when you’re chewing. Any food or drink that’s high in sugar may also have the potential to dull your glow. 

Eat more smile-positive foods

There are some foods you can use to help maintain your smile. Crunchy fruits and vegetables that have a high water content can stimulate saliva production and help to dilute the acids in your mouth that take a toll on tooth enamel. Cheese is another smile-positive food, containing phosphate and calcium, minerals that help rebuild your tooth enamel and maintain tooth strength.

Consider a straw

You can sidestep the stains by using drinking straws in new ways. With the trend away from disposable plastics, you can opt for an environmentally friendly stainless steel straw. It may feel unusual to drink tea, coffee, or wine through a straw, but it helps you bypass the staining effects these beverages have when contacting your teeth. 

Get regular oral care

Your regularly scheduled dental cleanings are an important part of extending the benefits of your office whitening. Just as with cavity prevention, home care and dental checkups work together to assure your smile looks amazing. 

Home care is an essential part of your oral health, and when you choose the power of a blue light-assisted Zoom! whitening treatment, which can brighten your smile as much as eight shades whiter, it’s easy to add to your regimen to extend the results. Contact Brooklyn Dental Spa by phone or online to schedule your Zoom! session today. Ask about our $399 in-office whitening special. 

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